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Infuriated Tears

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Tuesday, December 9th, 2008
10:12 pm - ATTENTION
Forgot how to read.
Will be back after the shinny things go away.

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Thursday, November 13th, 2008
7:56 am - Huh...
Whelp, I had no idea there was a new WoW expansion planned, let alone coming out. Wrath of the Lich King, huh? Sounds interesting.

Anyway... I got an e-mail from Blizzard last night saying I could have another free 10-day pass for Burning Crusade. So I'll give it one last chance to get me hooked and we'll go from there. I think I'll install all the shit today after work, so let me know your realms peoples!

Especially you Catling!
And tell me again, Raz!

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Sunday, November 9th, 2008
12:03 pm - Let's take a moment here.
Okay... so I'm talking to my friend Jo; and we're talking about her roommate and how she is out of town. And by that, I mean out of the country. And by that I mean GOING TO CUBA.

I was then made aware that it was illegal - essentially - to travel to Cuba. I didn't know this before, but I suppose it sort of makes sense. Sort of. I mean that's pretty fucked up that we're told where we can and cannot travel to... but why the fuck would you really want to fucking go to Cuba?

"Because its forbidden. That's why we're going."

That's what she said to one of her friends who asked why the fuck she was going. I mean, think about it. You cannot get a flight from America to Cuba. Jo tried looking and she got a warning message. Which I kind of want to see now, so hold on a sec.

(Side note, I still have no idea why I type my actions as if someone's watc... someone IS wathcing me!)

Eh, screw it. I couldn't find it and I dunno where she looked. Anyway. I mean why would you want to go to Cuba? There are people fucking swimming through shark infested waters and motherfuckers trying to make cars float to get the fuck out of that bitch... and we've got people essentially paying to be smuggled in.

Talk about bassawkwards.

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
6:23 pm
Damn. I just realized.
Either Palin or Biden is about to be president.
McCain's old ass or Obama in the wrong part of the South.

...son of a bitch.

(Utter into the Dark)

5:07 pm - HOW MANY TIMES
-Red meat (REALLY red from what I can tell... I hate being fucking colorblind)
-Red wine
-Downfall of the Red States

I hope this need to write lasts for awhile 'cause I'm eating and can't type as fast as I normally would and have a LOT I want to say before I forget it all. So let's roll.

I'm actually very suprised no one asked if I voted today. Since apparently everyone and their fucking brother is asking everywhere else. I do not vote. I've voted ONCE in my life, and that's pretty much because my mom made me so the Township levies could get more votes. I will probably never vote again unless there is an issue that REALLY affects me and even then I'll probably only vote for/against an issue. Voting for politicians is pointless.

First, I want to touch base on the whole "voting is a right" bullshit. Yeah, I grasp that concept, people. Quit beating it into my head. If voting is a right, then there are obviously two sides. I can either excerise my "right" and vote, or not. This is where it gets fun. Some how, the word "right" got switched to "civic duty". Explain this to me. I'm now unpatriotic (haha, I just noticed "riot" in there... did I spell it right?) because I don't vote?

Let me give you all a history lesson. It'll be short and sweet. Its a quote from our FIRST president, George Washington. Not a direct quote 'cause I don't feel like finding it and there were a SHIT load of big/confusing words in the statement. But it was his farewell address to the nation and he WARNED OF POLITICAL PARTIES. So you mean to tell me... I'm not going AGAINST - essentially - the first president of the United States because I'm more or less doing what he told me to do? And yes, I know that is an extremely liberal interpretation of said address, but still. You get the message.

Like all of these stupid goddamn campaign ads that say so and so voted this way but is now saying this and blah blah blah. This enforces my idea that the media now knows we are all idiots and will believe anything we are told. It was my understanding that the way this fucking country works is people become elected (garbage in, garbage out) and do what said electing people want the offical to do. Wow, vague much? Anyway, say Obama voted in the Senate one way and is now trying to do something else.

Break it down before spending millions on a ridiculous ad. And once again, I'm using generalized examples because I'm to damn lazy to research. Just as an example, let's say Obama votes in the Senate to NOT drill offshore. Well, now he's saying we should drill offshore. (I'm pretty sure its McCain saying this, but again, don't care.) An intelligent person can be lead to believe that the people Obama represents at the time he voted did not wish to see said drilling take place. Now that the country is crumbling upon itself... it may not be such a bad idea and better for the greater good. Not just a state.

But do you see what I mean? It's simple micro and macro management. There was some other word I was looking for... microcosim? Eh, whatever. I think you understand what I'm trying to relay here.

Now, I don't vote for a few reasons. One, and probably the only reason (since most others stem from this one) is that I subscribe to George Carlin's train of thought about voting. I've been quoting his ass all damn day. Basically this country was bought and paid for a long fucking time ago and the changing of everything each four years doesn't really amount to shit. I'm about 99.9% sure that the vast majority of my conspiracy theories are true and correct and that we are being guided down the exact path we should be.

Before I go off on that tangent, let me just also say that I feel very strongly that those who vote can't complain. Elected officals are a product of what? Exactly. You put the people in power, you caused the problem, sit down and shut up while I bitch and whine all day. And take good notes, 'cause I'm not as dumb as I look.

Whether its the Illuminati or some other force I don't know, but we are just a small fragment of a greater whole that is this world. Bush, as well as all of the presidents before him and most of the presidents after, are a part of this collective that control us. Higher ranking Senators and a few people from Congress, military officals, high ranking government agency officals... all of 'em. Along with the Vatican and other world powers, they are all being controlled by one "power" - for lack of a better term - and then in turn manipulate us peons as said "power" seems fit.

I won't get into most of my theories right now, but I'm sure you all remember most of them. How September 11th was actually a domestic attack performed by our own government as a means of degrading the economy so much that only certain companies could make profit. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me that all of the oil companies Bush has stock in didn't most record profits quarter after quarter. Explain to me those other explosions in the Twin Towers after impact. And how each tower fell as if it was demolished, not hit. Explain to me how a massive jet can smash into the side of the Pentagon and leave no ruins behind. How a plane can smash into the ground and leave no remains like in Pennsylvania.

Its all an elaborate trick. Just like stage magic. We divert your attention here and hold it for a bit, while all of this other shit goes on unseen. Think I'm crazy? Close your eyes and actually think for a second. Don't listen to what your fucking best friend or aunt is saying. Actually think for yourself. Consider the evidence that has been displayed and form your own conclusions.

My only wish is that before I die - be it this year before I turn twenty-four, in 2012 when the world ends... or sometime after that if I'm completely wrong (not fucking likely) that I can open ONE person's eyes to see the bullshit around them. I'm a Warrior by nature, but I can't take on the whole of the world by myself. Although I'll damn sure fucking try if I have to. And I hope you all remember what tomorrow is.


current mood: enlightened

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Thursday, October 30th, 2008
10:06 pm

...gold's the best I could do. I'd try bleach tomorrow, but I'm going HOME. And the hair color isn't essential to the costume (Mr. T). The mohawk is, but I just wanted it white so after Halloween I can dye it purple. And green.

I figure since I didn't get the dispatch job I may as well rock insane hair styles while I still can.

And still have hair.

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7:38 am
I'm going to have white fucking hair by the end of the day!
Mark my words!

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Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
7:33 am - Uh huh.
You can't be me.
I'm a rockstar.

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Thursday, October 23rd, 2008
6:42 pm
After sort of re-reading that last entry, I've diagnosed myself with ADD. Holy shit!

(Utter into the Dark)

6:18 pm - Shit.
It seems I can't write anymore unless I'm under the influence of something. Gods know it used to be that no matter what I could sign in and just let my fingers fly. Now... not so much. Is it because I'm older? I'd say its because I'm becoming conscious of what people may think, but I know that isn't the case. I still could give a flying fuck who reads this and I absolutely refuse to censor myself. But we all knew that already.

They say that in order to love, you must first love yourself. I'm begining to understand this more and more as I get older. Or maybe its because I'm running out of people to talk to on dating sites. Gods, that felt good to write. Yes, I belong to dating websites. Fairly certain at one time I was a member of every single one out there. I don't know why I felt so ashamed - and still slightly do. There's that underwritten stigmata of "Oh, you met this person online!" And blah blah blah. Which is stupid, because instead of saying I met said person on a dating site, I'd say I found them on MySpace.

...which is generally true, because I refuse to pay for this fucking sites.


Just for the sake of justifcation - although Gods know I don't need to justify myself to anyone (or do I?)... ah, and the train jumps tracks like that. I was going to say something, threw that side note up there and my mind totally shifted.

I've determined that I require a lot of attention. I don't want to say I demand the spotlight on me all of the time, but I think thats why I react to certain situations the way I do. I have no reason to be this angry. What has happened in my life has happened. Its in the past. There is absolutely nothing that I can do about it. I KNOW this. I KNOW that I know this. If I didn't know it, how could I write it? But that, apparently, is all it is. Just words in my brain that I can recall and transcribe. Gods know I don't follow said words.

When it comes down to it, I'd say three out of every five (I originally typed six out of ten and simplified! Yay math!) situations I could react differently. In fact, I would think it is normal to react differently. This is demonstrated beautifully at work. Yesterday we were told that we couldn't use the Internet for anything other than work related matters because a virus was apparently downloaded onto one of our computers. Everyone else reacted with initial irritation. Not me. I completely flipped shit. I think for about five minutes straight I just went OFF; saying how the person who I believed downloaded the virus was an absolute moron... so forth and so on.

And I'm about 99.9% sure that she IS a fucking moron, but that's besides the point. This completely ruined my day. It even ruined my day today! There's no reason for that. Inability to use the Internet for non-professional matters in a professional setting? That's completely and totally acceptable. But not for me.

In my defense (ha!), our company is riddled with blatent disregard for policy on a daily basis - myself included. And its been building up on me for a very, very long time to the point that perhaps an angry reaction every NOW and then is more tollerable. But yikes. I might be starting to scare myself slightly.

Which bring in my next point. I don't know why I must say the things I say. Well, I know why I do... because I really could care less what people hear. Words are just that. Words. Audible or written jumblings of letters and numbers that only have meaning because we asign them one. For example, twenty-three means absolutely NOTHING to virtually the entire population of the world. NOTHING. Yet it plagues me. The only reason - in essence - why it plagues me is because I will it to. If I put no stock in the number like the rest of the world, I'd be perfectly fine.

But because of my experiences I have placed a stigmata upon a number which inturn grants it power over me. The very same belief is a corner stone of the Wiccan faith, which I claim to be apart of. Yes, I call myself a Pagan, but that is simply because some of my views go outside of general Wiccan consensus (existence of Angels/Demons, as well as political views). As a very fast way to explain it at least. Totally got off track with that little blurb. Anyway. Wiccans believe that in order to give something power, it must have a name. Which is why we do not believe in your hell or your ruler of hell. To give it a name and to fear it is to give it power over you.

Like in fantasy books and novels - namely EarthSea comes to mind - the belief that to know a things name is to control it. Or have slight control OVER it. You understand the point I'm trying to make.

But why do I require attention and then seclude myself away in my apartment. And not just my apartment, my bedroom. I hardly ever leave my bedroom when I am home. Is that because I've lived in my bedroom for a good chunk of my life; namely because that was the only place that was mine? Or is it more about attention? I honestly don't know, these thoughts are just darting through my mind and I'm trying to capture them for once.

...and in writing that I completely lost my will to write. Typical.

At anyrate, I'm just trying to figure myself out. When I figure myself out, I can figure out how to fix myself so I can lead one of those happy lives I hear people talking about so much. Without medical help. Not yet. I don't want to be on pills to regulate the chemicals in my brain to keep me from being depressed. I want to regulate them myself.

Until it gets to be to much. Then maybe I will need help.
Do I need help?

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Monday, October 13th, 2008
6:35 pm - Um, yikes.
So, here's the deal gang. We're being taken over by the banks. And the government. At the exact same time. See, they just don't give a fuck anymore. They're either buying into (and I say that on as a matter of terms - we all know what I feel) the End of the World theory; or they've realized we're in such shambles as a world its pointless to hide anymore. Oh yes. The Illuminati ya'll.

Think about when shit took a nose-dive. Then the events that happened afterwards and the subsequent economic aftermath. Semptember 11th? Since then the stock market has never FULLY recovered if you keep in terms with inflation. Our dollar is less than the Canadian dollar now. That's never happened. We'll slowly merge into the North American Union.

They're snatching up control left in right. Right in front of everyone's eyes. And no one gives a shit. Or can do anything, really. Riddle me this... assuming everything I've touched on is correct. Just for the sake of arguement. Then, in turn, that would amass to all government officals are "corrupt". Which means most police would fall into that category. Most military as well. Interesting.

With the seemingly most powerful army/navy/air-force in the world... its kinda hard to turn to and say "Fuck off!" without shitting yourself. But if they don't give a fuck anymore...

Why should I? This is where it gets amazing.

Fuck off.

current mood: predatory

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
12:41 pm
Didn't score high enough on the dispatch test.
That plan is shot to shit.
I hate life right now.
There isn't much to look forward to.

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7:22 am
They say I'm a bad guy
Say hi to the bad guy
I came up from the bottom
And now I'm mad fly
They call me a menace
That's the picture they paint
They talk a lot about me
Let me tell ya'll what I ain't

...fuck it.

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Saturday, October 4th, 2008
8:21 am
lol @ O.J.
Didn't get your way out of that one, did you?

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
5:15 pm - Took me from a gun totin' nigga to a BIG BOI
This seven inch shank will put a stop to his ticker.
Shotties to the body make 'em drop much quicker.

Hi. It's been awhile. I'm fucking pissed off.
I dunno why I haven't written in awhile. I guess I just didn't feel like it. I've actually come here a few times ready to post, started to write and then just blah. Either thought better of it, stopped feeling like it or whatever. At any rate...

Work has once again morphed into utter and complete hell. We lost one person (which is a good thing in my opinion) and another is off on maternity leave. She never really did anything anyway, so there's really no loss there. However, Nick is about to leave at the end of the month and we've gotten two brand new clients in a month.

I'll come back to that in a sec, first I need to address Nick.

I knew this day would be coming, I just wasn't sure when. He hinted at possibly moving back to Wisconsin when we were still talking and living together, and I knew that deep down he was serious and was just waiting for a chance. Well, he's since burned every single bridge he has created and has no where left to go. He's literally pushed each and every person that ever showed him any sort of compassion out of his life and is right back in the same spot he was before he left Wisconsin. He left with his brother to run from his problems and now he's running back to his brother.

"I'm getting old. I have to start a family." That's what he told Fern one day. So he's going to run back to Wisconsin to live with mommy and daddy. And somehow that equates into starting a family? He never went out here, whats going to be different there? How is he going to meet anyone? And, if he does somehow manage to meet someone - let alone a female - what's going to stop him from pushing them away as well?

Anyway, he's brought his shitty-ass attitude (not to say I haven't on certain days, like today) to work and everyone else is suffering because of it. He litterally did NOTHING today. Nothing. Abso-fucking-lutely nothing. Before he figured all he had to do was batch (organize shit that comes into the office before it gets put on the floor to be worked) and REFUSED to do anything else. He told Dave "I'm leaving in a month, I don't want to do anything. Why should I?"

Now, the girl that works with him in that department is about as brilliant as a black fucking hole. We've had some morons in the past, but I'm convinced that she takes the cake. I don't think she's worked a full forty hour week since she started and she had the gall to complain about not being offered overtime to catch her work up. And now she's going to be taking over what Nick does. She can't count, she can't add, she can't do her OWN job correctly... and now she's going to be in charge of every single piece of paper that comes into the office.

Scary. Pretty sure PBPMC is about to cease to exist.

Not only that, but this little bitch-ass whore... oh man. I grit my teeth every time I think about her. Every time I see her, I just think "whore". First of all, the clothing she wears on a daily basis is so utterly skanky its a wonder why one of our previous employees got fired for talking to her. But that's a whole different story for a different time. The other day she walked into our office and was asking if anyone knew if someone was giving away a TV. "Now I'm not going to pay for it, but if they're giving it away..." Bitch, are you kidding me? Good Gods. All she ever wants his hand outs.

Today I went and got donuts 'cause papa wanted me too and before she even went to her desk (but of course after she clocked in) she was going through ALL of them. I mean good Gods. And then her stupid fucking boyfriend. All she does all day is just talk to that cock-sucker on the phone, asking him stupid fucking questions like "Do you still love me? Do you think about me?" and blah blah blah. SHUT UP BITCH! NO ONE GIVES A SHIT! And then she gets upset and starts crying and just goes home. Goes home because she can't cope with her stupid boyfriend who LIVES with her. Are you kidding me?

I'm sure there was a lot more that I wanted to say, but I don't feel like writing about work anymore. Or writing anymore period.

But, as a brief side note (which sucks 'cause it shouldn't be brief)... I met someone. She's incredible. Her name is Rachel and she lives down in BG. She's a grad student and is currently working on her Masters. She's absolutely beautiful, funny, witty, sarcastic and I may or may not be falling for her. Which, as you all know, means I'm trying to figure it out and as such becoming distant and moody.

I was supposed to go down there tonight but work was such shit that I decided to stay home. I'm pissed at myself for that. And yeah, seeing her would cheer me up a bit, but I know I would still be in a foul mood. I didn't want her to experience that. Man, I don't know. I'm torn. I'm fucked in the head.

And I'm done writing.

PS, I'm a God and the turban fits perfect.

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Saturday, August 30th, 2008
2:21 pm

Don't fuck around, Rodriguez.
Let's do this shit.

(Utter into the Dark)

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
7:00 pm
First of all, "Brooklyn Soul" is the fucking shit. For those that don't know, it's Jay-Z's "American Gangster" album over Marvin Gaye beats/songs. I absolutely love it. Flows together so well that I'll listen to it four times in a row and not realize it.

Moving along.

I wanted to just sit here and write, but its not happening that way it seems. So I guess I'll try and kickstart the son of a bitch and hope it starts flowing. If not, this is going to be one retarded entry. 'Cause, you know, the others are so sane and logical.

So Jahan is coming home on the 9th. After almost being reassured by her she would not be returning home, she says she's coming back. I couldn't help but laugh, 'cause I told her she'd be back. She didn't believe me. I still know her better than she knows herself. Man. If I looked over all the entries I've talked about her in ALL my journals... I can only imagine the dramatic story that would unfold. The ridiculous ups and downs and the angst that was like walking into a brick wall. And yet through all of this madness, we still can't be rid of each other.

That in and of itself is of interest. I don't talk to half the people I did in high school. Probably more like a quarter. And maybe even lower than that. And yet me and her. I can honestly say that throughout the long years, I've stayed utterly attracted to her. She's fought with her self-image and it was hot the entire time.

And yet, she is the reason for virtually every one of my insecurities. Paranoia, jealousy, and a slew of others. Never experienced before her. Just... well, the past is the past. Or so I have been told ALL FUCKING DAY. I mean seriously? Everyone is a fucking fortune cookie today. My mother rattled off about seventeen to me. I was trying to devise a way to bitch-smack someone via the Intrawebz. No such luck.

Hmmm... apparently this was the main thing on my mind.

Dude, I just don't know. Thats as simple as I can put it. I, for whatever reasons, can't let go of the past. Completely at least. And its almost like I have it beaten into my head that no matter what, the relationship is going to fail. (Wow, I added an E on the end of that. Really?) Well of course it is when I think that. What a novel concept. But her wretched ex is here too, and I know she isn't over him yet.

Ah, there's a little piece to take out.

And, as has become a running trend; my friends hate (read: strongly dislike) her and I'm almost positive its vice-versa for her squad. On top of that, she virtually REFUSES to talk to Lunchbox because of what he supposedly "did" to Luna. Dude, fucking Lunchbox didn't want to stay in Ohio for her. And since then he's lived in five states and just... ugh, that pissed me off so much when I heard it. He's leading a fucking awesome life and most likely would NOT have had as many chances if he stayed in this piss-hole state. Ridiculous. At least my friends hate her for shattering me completely. Okay, maybe only part-way, but still!

I guess I have to wait and see what in the flying fuck happens in a week or so. She asked if I would take her out to dinner or for a drink (that sounded wrong, it wasn't in a bitchy way) - and I was like NOPE. Can't. There are zero funds in this account, dear. If I could take YOU out for dinner, I'd be taking MYSELF out to dinner a shit-ton more. So, there's that too. The hermit and the budding socialite. What a dramatic couple.

Ohhhh dear.
Here goes nothing.

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Saturday, August 16th, 2008
8:32 am
9 in the AM on a Saturday...
You win this round, Churchills. You win this round.

(Utter into the Dark)

Monday, August 11th, 2008
8:20 pm - This is EPIC
The story of a woman... at the Airport.
And since its so epic... well, you'll have to deal with the broken-ass AIM text 'cause I don't fuckin' feel like editing it. Without further adieu:


oh whats up
youre gonna regret asking that
this girl i work with and i
like our whole team was supposed to go to chicago this week
so 4 of us from tarrytown, and one from canada
so we were all supposed to go to chicago this week
and my boss like sent out this eamil and was like "blah blah we dont need 5 rental cars in chicago that week, so plan your trips together and carpool"

fine whatever
so i ask this girl on our team if she wants to
and shes like yeah i already made my plans
so im like ok i'll just do what you do and share your car
so she booked an 11am flight today
so i did too
and i guess our boss was mad and was like why are you flying hte middle of the day
bc he took the 6am flight
well becase i think we should travel during work hours
adn not in the middle of the night
but whatever
so he was kinda mad we took a flight in the middel of the day but i dont care because i disagree with that

so he took the 6am flight
well last night all the flights here were cancelled bc of weather
so the airport was PACKED today already
and we FINALLY get through security like a half hour before our flight was leaving
and it gets really dark
and this HUGE storms goes through
hailing and shit
all over
so the cancel our flight
and about every other flight for the next few hours
i wasnt even mad
i dont really want to go to chicago
so i called the 800 number
instead of standing in the enormous lines
and i said my and my coworkers flight was cancelled
we need rebooked together on another one
and they said "youre both booked for the 6pm flight tomorrow night
so im like no thats not going to work
and theyre like well thats the earlier we can get you on a flight

so i was like "well can we try another airline"
bc they will only do that if you ask
so shes liek "i'll check"
so she comes back
and goes "ok theres an 8pm united flight tonight"
and im like "can you get us both on that"
and she goes "YEP"
nad im like great we'll take it
and she geos ok hang on
and then she goes "ok youre all set"
and im like 'we're BOTH all set?"
just to verify
shes like yep, youre both on it
and im like ok thanks bye
so it was like 11am
and im like im not sitting int his airprot for 9 hours
so we leave and go back to work and out to lunch for a little bit
and i checked my email and had a confirmation from american airlines about my united flight they put me on

and i told nihal
and then i went home to change and repack so i didnt have to check my bag again
and she calls
and is like "i didnt get an email, and i called adn im not on the flight"
so im like hang on im coming back into work
and im like "how did you know youre not on the flight"
and shes liek i called american express
(bc thats the system we use to book all our corporate travel)
and im like well nihal...
maybe you should try american or untied,
it might not get transfered to amex travel
and shes like no they said that youre on the flight but im not
and im like oh
well see ya
and so i leave
go back to the airport
shes booked on a flight that gets in at noon tomorrow
and the fucking keep delaying my flight

i just skipped a huge part of the story somehow
so i get the airport
it wont let me check in at the kiosk
so i get in this huge line
and i ask some guy thats walking by from united
about if i have to wait here and shit bc american rebooked me on this flight
and he fucking laughs at me
and goes "yeah right, no airlines are booking passangers on other
airlines at all today, we're forbidden bc of the delays"
or some shit
and i fucking pull out my intinary they emialed me
adn i go what the fuck is this then
and he goes "oh, come with me"
and he pulls me to the front of the line
and it didnt go through, and i go then why the hell did american send it to me
so he goes "come with me"
and walks me to the front of the american airline line
and they were like no way did anyone here rebook her for your ailrine, and im like youre right. no one here did. i called the 800 number

and shes like "hm"
looks me up
and goes "oh yeah it went through, youre booked on united"
and so the untied m an goes
"come with me"
back to the front of the untied line
hands me a ticket
and goes thanks for flying with us
and something about how im probably the only person who somehow managed to do that today
get on another airline
so i fucking go through security
get here
i ahve no seat on my ticket
and didnt want to wait in the line at the gate
to get one
so i went to the rebooking/change seat kiosk in the lounge here
and the first thing it said when i put my confirmation number in
"would you like to check in the passanger you are traveling with: nihal"
she was fucking on this flight with me
this whole time
so i called her
and im like you moron
i told her to get her ass here
but she wont
shes coming tomorrow still i guess
my flight keeps getting delayed
she could have made it

there is one more i'd like to share
that i forgot
so right after they cancel the flight
and its fucking hailing the shit out of ny
and its pounding on the roof and windows
and its completely white outside you cant see a thing
and its fucking thundering like crazy
im not done
so all thats going on
and im standing in the middel of the airport
and the fucking fire alarms start going off like crazy
and this fucking kid
probably like 7 years old standing next to me
fucking opens his mouth
and just starts screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs
he didnt even fucking breathe
just kept screaming
the whole place stopped to stare at him
i was like what the fucking shit
im getting the fuck out of here
his mom finally grabbed him and put her hand around his mouth
becuase he just kept going


(Utter into the Dark)

12:26 pm
Ugh, there. Couldn't take that bullshit anymore.
Much, much better.

Hello, Monday. How do you do? I do fine.

(Utter into the Dark)

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